An Exceptional* Cyclist

*Exceptionally bad.

I used to be an okay cyclist, now I’m a below average cyclist and I’m not hamming that up for sympathy or being humble, I’m actually, genuinely pretty poor. But I have big dreams. I want to become a good cyclist.

Pre children I could almost, almost do a 40k time trial in an hour (more like just under 1:05) though as I’ve told people over the years I’m somehow under an hour when I recount the stories. My goal is to get to a decent standard on track and I have a few cunning plans on how I’m going to get there. This blog is one of them.

My good friend Matt who is actually a very competent cyclist often mentions those we all know that have All The Gear And No Idea. It’s a term I hear a lot around cyclists. We know the type the fat travelling salesman who spent his years bonus on the lightest most aerodynamic Pinarello on the market. I’d always assumed I was in the good side of these comments but I’ve actually realised I am that fat travelling salesman. I’m 42, I have kids, I work hard and spend a significant percentage of my wages on bike gear. It isn’t until I’m out on the bike and everyone is flying past me I feel like a 42 year old with kids and no time to train. I have All The Gear And No Idea.

But this is where it all changes. I’ve signed up for Fred Whitton, I’m doing the Struggle and a couple of centities towards the end of the year, during that time I’m going to get on the track and next year with a decent base of fitness I’m going to go for it. I’ve had a good look on the interweb and there’s very little on training for the Fred Whitton Challenge and as it’s one of the hardest in the UK I thought I’d capture my training in the hope that it helps other people out there. I’ll try and post once a week minimum and I’ll also be reviewing all the gear etc. I’ll collect on the way.