Leith Hill Beats Box Hill

Nice ride out with Matt this morning, though I have very little power to talk of I’m quite impressed that the few turbo sessions and the odd ride out seem to be having a pretty fast impact in that I was able to knock out a 5 hour ride.

Baring in mind I have No Idea, and haven’t been to Alp d’Huez let alone cycled up it, I struggle to see how Box Hill could be the ‘Alp d’Huez of England’. It’s my first time up it but this can’t be all we have to offer?! Don’t get me wrong it’s nice and indeed quaint but it’s not really much of a challenge, even for my old tired legs. For me Leith Hill was a far more enjoyable and more difficult though we barely saw any other riders.

I fuelled really badly today though and energy dropped massively towards the end, clearly a porridge, then Lucozade Sport and a banana aren’t going to cut it for this kind of distance so going to plan this better in future.

There may well be an issue with my Garmin watch; if it’s correct my heart rate is so high I should probably be expecting a heart attack in the very near future. Generally from experience I always train at way too hard an effort in the Base Phase which may even contribute as to why I never finish full training plans. Going to try and drop some of the turbo work down to zone two.



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