What’s the Point?

The big question is why am I doing all this? In truth I’m stupidly competitive which is a big driving force but it’s a lot about being healthy for my kids when I’m older. The reason I’ve picked four big challenges this year is because of my daughters goes to school with a wicked little kid called George who has Muscular Dystrophy — The following is from my Justgiving page, I’m trying to raise £3k of MDUK:

For some reason I’ve found myself signing up for three 100+ mile bike rides all over a period of 6 weeks. There’s also a chance I might add Ride London to this list making it four. Two of the rides I’ve signed up for are the most difficult you can do in the UK, The Fred Whitton Challenge hits all of the most difficult climbs over a 112 mile course, and The Struggle in Yorkshire, well, you can probably guess. Just to put this all in context, I am not fit. I’m a 42 year old man with two kids and a paunch. This is going to take work and dedication, sadly two things I have absolutely no interest in.

So why am I doing it? My daughter goes to school with a cool young man called George. He was diagnosed with a very rare form of Muscular Dystrophy called Rigid Spine Muscular Dystrophy. George is five, his life is already being affected by this illness and as it’s a wasting disease it’s going to get harder for him as he grows. I’ve never seen him complain, he just wants to be like everyone else and run around. George has selected Muscular Dystrophy UK as the best charity to do the rides for. They do great work in supporting families but they’re also doing hugely important research in trying to understand this illness and how we can help people like George.
They’re not a huge charity and they’ll be careful with your money, anything you give will make a difference – but as I’m doing three events I urge you to think of a number then treble it. Then probably round it up… anything over £30 ought to do it ; ) I’m setting an audacious goal of £3000 and with your help I aim to get there. Thanks for reading.

This isn’t an entirely selfless act. Despite my competitive nature, I’m also a procrastinator and also get bored quickly. If I’m going to do all these rides I need to be letting more than myself down or I just wont pull my finger out.


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