At Least One Good Reason Cyclists Should Run

Running and cycling has never felt they were good bedfellows to me (even when I did triathlons) but I’m going to be adding running to my training.

This is a controversial one even for me personally as I goes against my gut. I’ve always felt that mixing running with cycling seemed to completely undo any cycling gains and I still stand by this to a point. More and more evidence is coming out that running does cyclists more than a lot of good, so I’m begrudgingly looking at introducing running into my training.

I’ve done quite a bit of research on running and cycling and the biggest problem cyclists can develop is osteoporosis (summarised here on

Returning to bone density, a study in 2003 compared bone density of cyclists in two different age groups with non-athletes of the same ages.1 The study found that the master cyclists who had been cycling for a number of years (and had not performed significant levels of weight bearing exercises) had low bone density. Chris Boardman is quoted as saying, “Cycling is good for strengthening muscles, but it does very little for bones.”2

I’m also considering something that involves either pilates or yoga. Would love any advice of people with some idaa who’ve found the winning combination.


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