No sooner had I started did I become ill. Old people get ill, then they die.

I’ve been doing pretty well on the health front. Juice every day, Berroca, jogging daily, cycling miles on the trainer and commuting to work on the bike. Basically overtraining.

I’m hit by a cold and it wipes me out for four to five days and a couple more to be sure.

I read with interest in Joe Freil’s Cyclist’s Training Bible how easy it is to overtrain and secondly he smashes the myth that fit people don’t get ill. When you train you’re forcing the body to adapt to a new regime by stressing it which weakens your immune system meaning you’re open to illness. Yey.

Added to the above facts the weather is dreadful, cold and wet — meaning I’m donning freezing wet gear for the return journey home which clearly hasn’t helped. I’ve also stuck doggedly to training unnecessarily even when I’m not feeling it. One of the key points in Joe Friel’s book is that you need to listen more to your body  — look at your Rate of Perceived Exertion rather than your heart rate.

Obviously I chose to ignore all the advice and lose a week as a result. Awesome.


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