It Came By Email.

Literally a few weeks ago I decided to do the Fred Whitton Challenge. It came by email from Matt, a good friend and good cyclist. I’ve desperately needed to get back on the bike proper for some time. I used to be a cyclist back in the day, honestly mainly focusing on Olympic Distance Triathlon. I wasn’t a good triathlete because I used to bomb round the bike bit and have nothing left for the run so everyone I’d bombed past would soon overtake me as I struggled through a pathetic limping walk for 10k.

Matt’s email was well timed and caught me slightly unprepared, I had no idea what the Fred Whitton Challenge was so I signed up without much to do. Matt was also doing the Struggle and the Cambridge Gran Fondo. So I signed up for them too. Why not eh? All I needed to do now is turn this body that looks like a pair of tights filled with porridge into a lean mean riding machine fuelled by porridge. Can’t be that hard can it?

Can it?


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